Advertise with us

To advertise with us, please email with 

  • Details of your item
  • Between 1 & 5 photos of the item
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Optional contact email address
  • Price
  • Item location or availability

Advertised items do not need to be camping related, but we reserve the right to reject any item if we feel it is not suited to this site or our members


No goods are offered for sale by EEDA. All goods are offered for sale by the member detailed in the individual advertisements. In the event of a dispute you should contact the seller. EEDA take no responsibility for any goods advertised on our pages although we do take care to verify the seller prior to publishing any advertisment. 

Terms & Conditions for advertisers

This for sale section is offered by EEDA free of charge to all club members to advertise camping related goods for sale to other members.  

We request that once an item has sold that the seller advises us  so that the advertisement can be removed. Items older than 90 days will be removed unless we are advised otherwise.

All items are listed on our site by newest first. Relisted items will go back to the top.

All advertisements must be factual, contain at least 1 photo (maximum 5), a price, location of the goods for collection, a contact phone number (optional email address) and a description. Your telephone number and email address will be published on the advertisement. 

It is the buyers responsibility to contact the seller

EEDA reserve the right to refuse any advertisement at any time